2018 Fifa World Cup: Where do the footballers play?

Source: Transfermarket

First Project | 2018 FIFA World Cup:  Where do the footballers play?

For this visualization I wanted to showcase in which part of the world all the players of the next 2018 World Cup currently play in. It’s widely known that the best known footballers play for European clubs, but I wanted to measure this hypothesis through data. I believe a great way to visualize so much data points is trough animated bubble charts where each player represents a single dot in the chart. Trough animation of the players it’s possible to see different aggregation of the data and to gain new insights.

At first I scrapped the data from Transfermarket.com (the biggest and most up-to-date football database available) using an automated scraper (that would crawl the page of every team to recover all the main players of the team. A new scraper then went into each player’s profile and compiled the information into a spreadsheet.)

NOTE: There is a limitation to my data extraction since the official list of the players has not been disclosed by the coaches yet.

Picture of the scrapper

I then used Open Refine to harmonize the data (turning text to numbers for being able to do calculations) and to create new categories. For example, since I wanted to see the big picture I used the country data from my scraped data to find the region corresponding to each country.

Picture of Open Refine

Once the data was ready, I proceeded to do some calculation trough pivot tables to understand the distribution of my data and to get a first glance of the angles I could use during my visualization. Finally, I proceeded to use Flourish, which is an amazing visualization tool that allows to create great looking and responsive bubble charts without coding.

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